Nightmare on Yarn Street

It happened. I told myself it would never happen. I said to myself,

No, that only happens to knitter’s who don’t pay attention;

You’re an experienced knitter, you know how much to get;

Don’t worry, this will be plenty.

Well folks, I’m here to tell you that I made one of the most fundamental knitting mistakes: I didn’t buy enough yarn.


Not only did I run out of yarn, I ran out when I only had one teeny tiny sleeve cap left. That’s right, everything else was knit up, button band and all, all I had was a couple of inches of sleeve cap.


This 1936 cardigan is what I call a “sad-girl-cast-on.” My friend (and also my fabulous photographer) Michael and I have been house hunting for months, and we thought we finally found our dream place. The upstairs of a gorgeous 1893 home. Yes, you heard me, 1893. I was in love, it was perfect in every way. Long story short, we didn’t get it. I was probably more torn up than I should have been, but I knew the cure: cast on something. Cast on something you’ve been really wanting to knit. Disregard all other WIPs, disregard the fact that it’s 95 degrees and you’re wanting to knit with Shetland wool, just do it.


So I did. But, as you can see, it backfired. Oh yes, did I mention I got the yarn out of town, a year ago? I will get the yarn by mail order or online, but it won’t be the same dyelot. And lastly, to be frank, I don’t really want to be knitting on this! It didn’t come out the way I thought it would, and the Shetland started getting to me. It was never a good idea to knit on this in the same room as my madelinetosh stash, as I would all too often look over longingly at the merino, cashmere blends, hand dyed colorways… excuse me as I wipe some drool away.

I have some other WIPs going at the moment, I will give you a small teaser picture of them, and hopefully one or two of them will be up soon in a finished object blog post.



And, in case you were all wondering, Michael and I found a wonderful 1950’s duplex that we just adore. I am currently getting the rest of my yarn packed up as I move in officially tomorrow!