Ladies, Welcome to the Women’s Land Army


I thank you, beautiful readers, for waiting so long with me for these photos to be up. The weather in Oregon has been spastic, changing it’s mind from rain, sun, cloudy and everything in between on an hourly basis. But they are finally here! I had so much fun with my talented photographer friend and future roommate (which means much more photography!) Michael Banh as we attempted to take these while a class of over 100 biology students were walking by. Yeah, that was awkward.


We’re twinsies.

Looking back, knitting this sweater was not too bad. Truthfully, I ended up practically making up the entire pattern as I went. The sizing and overall shape came out perfectly. I studied old photos of Land Girls as well as modern adaptions of their attire (such as the show Land Girls) in hopes of making it as accurate as possible. I purposefully knit it fairly tight, and it ended up only taking about 850 yards of worsted weight!

Okay, enough of me jabbering, you probably want to see some photos.







Now I feel ready to join the Women’s Land Army.

Oh wait, I think I need some stockings… 😉



12 thoughts on “Ladies, Welcome to the Women’s Land Army

  1. Beautiful(!!!) sweater. Seriously. And kudos to you for pretty much recreating it from scratch. I agree about the stockings 🙂

    Isn’t Shepherd’s Wool lovely?! I bought some for Topiary by Jared Flood in a pumpkin color. It’s going to take forever, but I’m glad I love the yarn so much.

  2. Your sweater is beautiful! I wonder if your Land Girl is wearing a sweater knit from the vintage pattern called “V-Necked Pullover” from “From Essentials for the Forces Jaeger Handknit 1940s” which is available in pdf or Word on the Victoria & Albert Museum web site:

    You have to scroll through the images in the ribbon along the bottom of the page to get to it.

    • You know, that’s funny! I just came across this pattern a few days after my photoshoot, and yes it does look really similar. I think that is the closest pattern I have come across thus far, but from close examination of a photo of a true WLA sweater that’s on exhibit, it seems to be in K1, P1 rib, whereas this pattern is not. Thank you for showing me this wonderful website, I will have fun browsing on here. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful sweater! I’m in the middle of making a land-girl’s sweater from a vintage pattern and I’m hoping it will be even half as nice as yours!

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