An Unexpected Detour

Hi, my name is Sydney, (“Hiii, Sydney”) and I am obsessed with knitting socks.

Wow, that feels good to get off my chest!

I never- and really, I mean NEVER– thought I would be “one of those sock knitters.” You know, the kind who can’t be without a sock on the needles, who scroll through ravelry at one a.m. looking at sock patterns, who believe buying sock yarn doesn’t count… okay, to be fair, I already believed that. But the magic of sock knitting has taken over! I love knitting socks. I’m not even afraid to say it, I love socks!!


Prior to this discovery, I have knitted 2 1/2 pairs of socks . My first pair are huge, my second were worsted weight ankle socks for a friend, and the 1/2 is a knee high striped sock that I suffered Second Sock Syndrome with. But now, I feel strange when I don’t have a sock going!


These were my first pair after I caught the sock bug. They are from a 1953 pattern book found for free here! The yarn I used is Anzula Dreamy, which is, for lack of a better word, dreamy. I would highly recommend working with it.


The most recent finished pair are from the same 1953 pattern book. Though I modified a simple sock by adding a small lace pattern of k2tog, yo, k2, yo, ssk, to either side of the leg & foot. This yarn is Pigeonroof Siren Sock, which is also lovely but sadly discontinued.



Yay for socks! Currently I am working on a Malabrigo sock from Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks and loving it. I don’t know when this sock craze will end, but if “never” is the answer, I think I would be okay with that.

My Land Army sweater is done, hopefully it will be photographed this week!



p.s. I met an octopus today. Her name was mystery.



4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Detour

  1. I knit 1 whole knee sock, two toes, two cuffs and two pairs of Christmas gift socks for other people. Since sock yarn is THE BEST and I have so much of it I’m *really* hoping I can be a sock knitter someday.

    Your socks look lovely. And gosh that color in the second pair! I’ll just have to keep coming here for inspiration 🙂

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