Warm Toes & The Land Army

Hello, darlings!


Sorry my posting has slowed down a bit. I assure you it will pick back up in a jiffy with exciting finished objects!

As I briefly mentioned in a previous post, my current project is my very own Women’s Land Army pullover. After I bought the pants, (see “Define Obsession”) I figured it was high time for me to knit the iconic ribbed sweater.


Now, with trying to stick with my vintage knitting, finding a pattern for this sweater or anything remotely similar was harder than I thought. Turns out, there really wasn’t one. All of the original sweaters were machine made because, well, no one had time to hand knit thousands of sweaters every few months. I found a sweater via etsy titled Paton & Baldwin’s 2792 Women’s Service Land Army Pullover and Stockings hoping it would be like the sweater, but it really wasn’t. I am using it as a reference for knitting mine, but making heavy modifications to make it look accurate. I hope, dear reader, you don’t see this as cheating with my challenge. The way I see it, vintage ladies would have modified a pattern to make it look more like what they wanted too!


Here it is so far!…. Doesn’t look like much. Really, it’s just a big, wooly, ribbed blob at the moment. I am almost done with the body and the sleeves won’t take too long, so I am hoping to have it finished by the first week of May! I have really big plans for the photo shoot, so stay tuned. 😉

Apart from the sweater, I am decided to impulsively try socks again with my dear knitting friend, Anna. I have knitted 2 1/2 pairs of socks, and only have bad memories from them. But, after finishing one sock from this sweet 1953 pattern, my new verdict is that I quite like socks! 


I am using Anzula Dreamy, which is a merino, cashmere, & silk blend, and my oh my the name of this yarn speaks for itself. It is dreaaammy. It is so soft, and certainly helping elevate my love of socks, especially these ones.





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