Finished Piece: The Lady Eve Blouse


Did you think I forgot about you, dear readers?

Never! Unfortunately, this blouse has been sitting in my closet for two weeks now. Rainy day after rainy day have passed by my window, and naturally, the few days of sunshine were full of other reasons why photos couldn’t be taken. But alas, the photos are here!


All photos are taken by the talented Michael Banh ❤


I know I complained about the 8 stitches to the inch being invented by demons- which I still believe- but after I finished the body of this blouse (and almost lost it in a library, but that’s a different story) the sleeves, collar, and finishing went by rather quickly.



I am happy with the finished result, and as many of you lovely people mentioned in a previous post, my uneven stitches blocked out as if by magic. The only finicky piece was the collar. The edge of it was wanting to curl, but after I took the steam to it and tacked it down in a few places, it behaved.



I will post soon about my current work in progress, the Women’s Land Army pullover. But I will tell you one thing, it feels marvelous to knit on size 5 needles.





13 thoughts on “Finished Piece: The Lady Eve Blouse

  1. Beautiful! The colour is divine. I feel your pain with the tiny needles. I had to take a break from my last fine-knit project to make a chunky jumper for my daughter. Such a relief when you see your work growing so quickly!

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