8 stitches to the inch was invented by demons


Oh, sure, I told myself, sure, 8 stitches to the inch won’t be so bad. You’ve done seven, and you survived! Oh goodness….

As much as I am loving miles and miles of solid color stockinette… This project is going rather slow. I have just finished the back piece and am about to start the front. I am already dreaming about my next project.


Here is what I have so far! I am using the Ultra Alpaca Fine, and I like it, but there are some inconsistencies in my stitches. If I knit just a tiny bit looser than the row before, the stitches come out diagonal. I hope that a good wet block will even out my stitches.


No more 8 stitches per inch jumpers for me..




6 thoughts on “8 stitches to the inch was invented by demons

  1. Well. . . I was kind of enjoying living vicariously through your knitting this sweater, because I think it would make me insane to knit all that tiny stockinette. That said, it is beautiful. I see what you mean about the diagonal stitches. I had that problem with my knitting one year when I had recurrent tendonitis in my elbow, and I think that most of that will come out in the wash because of the yarn you are using. If you were knitting with cotton, it might be a different story. But who in their right mind could knit a sweater out of cotton at eight stitches per inch?

  2. I feel your pain. There are two kinds of knitting – process and product. You are going to have one be-a-utiful product there when you are done. But the process is agonizing. The colour is gorgeous, i agree…

  3. It’s going to be gorgeous when you finish, and probably worth all the hassle. I bet your stitches will look perfect after a nice long soak and blocking. Fantastic color choice.

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