Spring is coming early

Onwards to the next adventure!


One of my goals for this year-of-vintage project is to alternate between a Susan Crawford pattern and an individual vintage pattern that I have in my collection. My next project is from the 1941 Jack Frost Vol. 35, arguably my favorite vintage blouse pattern books. They’re all fairly simple but so beautiful! I wanted to find a pattern right now that I could handle with my homework load; something that I can zone out with and watch Downton Abbey and knit simple stitches ( in between tears, naturally). So lovely kittens, allow me to reveal my next blouse!


It is the one on the right! I’m sorry for the poor photo quality; on the collar, there is a sweet spring-time lace pattern, as well as lace on the puffed sleeves. I’ve found myself eager for spring this year. To watch cherry blossoms brighten up the streets. To read a novel under a tree, chasing clouds in between chapters and sips of pink lemonade. I am usually a lady who enjoys the colder months, but this year I find myself yearning for soft sunshine and being outside. Therefore, I am knitting this blouse in my very favorite color, Robin’s Egg Blue, to create my own little spring on my needles until the weather complies with my wishes.


I am naming this project after a movie that came out the same year as the pattern: The Lady Eve. It is an adorable movie with fabulous hair and outfits. Next week you will get to see the work in progress! Yippie!




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