Finished Piece: Roman Holiday

It’s finished, it’s finished!


As of Saturday the 9th, I have had Trimmed With Roses hanging in my closet saying, “Wear me! Wear me!” every time I walked by. This was a very fun pattern to knit up. Originally from 1950, Susan Crawford did an excellent job making it accessible for various body types. I am a 36″ bust, but I made the smallest size, desiring negative ease instead of positive, and very happy I did. I like my garments to look more fitted as opposed to the 3-4″ of positive ease it requested.

Anyways, enough chit chat, here are photos taken by the incredibly talented Michael Banh, who has a rather popular Supernatural tumblr. 😉








Stay tuned for my next project!




9 thoughts on “Finished Piece: Roman Holiday

  1. Oh my God!! This is the most beautiful thing I saw so far! Love this sweater and you have marvelous hands to make a success of it! Love your photos! You are great!

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