Downton Abbey. Also, Downton Abbey. Oh, and Downton Abbey.


So. Downton Abbey starts tomorrow. (For us in the States, that is.)

I have been mentally preparing myself for months now. The best companion to knitting is Downton Abbey, without a doubt. No one is allowed to argue.


Oh, the Crawley sisters. So lovely. So elegant. Without a doubt my favorite is Lady Mary. I love to stride out of a room yelling “I don’t care a thing about rules!” And swish my dress behind me. Ugh, she is so sassy I can’t stand it.


I’m curious to see what happens with Mary and Matthew. Oh, I just can’t wait!


Yes, yes I have.

As far as knitting goes, my fingers have been going extra fast with excitement. I am almost done with the back piece, eek!





2 thoughts on “Downton Abbey. Also, Downton Abbey. Oh, and Downton Abbey.

  1. Dear Sydney,

    I stumbled on your blog through Ravelry. I think it’s a great project your embarking on! I’m looking forward to see what projects you’ll be making. I love vintage clothing and it’s always inspiring to see what others make!

    Enjoy the third season of Downton Abbey. Here in Europe we’ve already seen this season, but don’t worry my lips are sealed 😉 I love Lady Mary but Lady Sybil is my favourite I think!

    Best of luck with your project!

  2. That TV show is one of my favorites, here in Spain will start later … I’m jealous of you knitting while watching television, hehe. That sweater will be wonderful …

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