And so it begins.

Happy New Year kittens!


I am so looking forward to this year and all of the warm vintage hand knits and I am going to create. To make it more fun, I am going to name all of my projects after old movies based on characters that the garment reminds me of! So, without further ado, I introduce my first garment of the year…


Trimmed with Roses in A Stitch in Time: Volume 2!

Now, normally I do not knit my garments in the same color as the sample, but oh how I love the combination of the natural & bright red! I will be using Jamieson Spindrift for the main color and Element Affects for the contrasting red. So excited!

I am naming this jumper “Roman Holiday.” It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn’s character Princess Ann when she is exploring Rome pretending to be a normal girl and escaping the pressure of being a Princess. It is so youthful and fun, just as she is in the movie.


You will be able to see the work in progress soon, darlings!




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