Meet the Contenders


What a wonderful word.


I have been building up a Shetland stash for the last few months, and I know there is still much more to buy, but this is what I have so far for my 2013 challenge. It was all obtained in a variety of different places, which will make it even more fun to knit up.


This is O-Wool Classic 2-ply. I got a bag of 10 from Little Knits in Seattle for a steal. It is not Shetland, but a lovely organic merino. It is a gorgeous grassy green color that yet to has a pattern to go along with it.


This is Elemental Affects Natural Shetland Fingering, so many colors! I picked the colors because they reminded me of the movie Brave. 🙂 I bought these at Stash, the yarn shop that I work at!


JAMIESON! I think I am going to use the natural color with with the Elemental Affects for a fair-isle something-or-other. I got this over on the Oregon Coast in a cute little yarn shop!


This Shetland is so soft. I got it in Boston, and I only wish I bought more!

This is only a sneak peek at all the yarn I have lined up for next year, and I am sure I will be buying much more.

I love buying yarn, don’t you?




2 thoughts on “Meet the Contenders

  1. Sydney. — are you in Canada? I love your blog. I, myself am an avid knitter, crocheted and seamstress. I am trying desperately to find something Downton-y to wear to my daughter’s wedding in August. I have navy or steel blue in mind. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Caraleen!
      I am not in Canada, I only wish! I am from Oregon. I would recommend something that is tight around the waist but with a long skirt, close to the ground. A light and flowing fabric would be good too. I hope this helps, good luck darling!
      ❤ Sydney

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