Dashing Through the Christmas Knitting

Well, I’m not actually dashing. More like drudging.

Every year I tell myself I am going to cut down my list. That I will only knit for my close friends, and select members of my immediate family. But for some mystical reason, my list GROWS every year! This year, I am knitting for 15 people. Yes, 15. How does that happen? After (and during) every project, every hat, mitten, legwarmer, and cowl, I find myself staring at my jumper yarns, my sweater’s worth skeins, nearly drooling at the idea of knitting a sweater. I am definitely a big project type of knitter. Instant gratification knitting does nothing for me. Curse you whoever decided that knitted headbands were “in” this year!! They’re lovely, but now I have six to make. Please, make it stop! 

I am halfway done with Christmas Knitting, and now it is crunch time. I have six more people to knit for. A hat, 3 pairs of gloves, six headbands (sigh), and half a cowl to finish. Then of course there is Christmas sewing, but I can’t even think about that right now. 15 days. Can it be done? Possibly. Will I be able to sleep? Probably not.

Here is what I have to show for!


Tinyowlknit’s Some Cloudy Day legwarmers for Emily!


Janice Kang’s Team Zissou Hat for Tyler!


A ski hat for Uncle Ryan! (Pattern my own design)


Tinyowlknit’s Bedknobs & Broomsticks for Deirdre!


Tinyowlknit’s Meow Mitts for Taylor (personalized as her two cats)

Can you tell that I love miss Tinyowlknits? She is amazing.

I also finished two other hats, a cowl, and a pair of mitts that are not pictured. If you want more information on these patterns, you can find them all here on my ravelry project page!





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